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VirtualBox 是一款功能强大的免费开源的虚拟机工具,VirtualBox不仅仅是一个功能极其丰富的高性能的产品,它也是唯一的专业解决方案,是GNU通用公共许可证(GPL)许可协议下的自由的开源软件。目前,VirtualBox可以运行在Windows,Linux,Macintosh和OpenSolaris的主机和支持的操作系统,包括但不限于Windows (NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Windows 7), DOS/Windows 3.x, Linux (2.4 and 2.6), Solaris 和 OpenSolaris, 和 OpenBSD。VirtualBox更新很频繁,并有不断增加新功能。假如你曾经有用过虚拟机软件的经历的话,相信使用 VirtualBox 不在话下。

和类似的 VMware 及 Virtual PC 比较,VirtualBox 独到之处包括 Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)、iSCSI 及 USB 的支援,VirtualBox 在客户机操作系统上已可以支援 USB 2.0 的硬件装置。VirtualBox使用比较简单,有中文版本,即便你是一个新手,也没有关系。VirtualBox 提供了详细的文档,可以助你在短期内入门。

免费虚拟机软件VirtualBox今天更新至4.3版本,开始支持多点触控平台,最新的CPU等其他新功能,新版提升了各种硬件设备及操作系统的支持度。虚拟机允许用户在Mac上运行多种操作系统,对于普通用户,VirtualBox已经足够。不过如果你有更高的要求,收费的Parallels和 VMWare则是更好的选择。


VirtualBox 4.3.22 更新日志:

(released 2015-02-12)


  • VMM: refined measurement of TSC frequency on the host, improves timekeeping for guests
  • VMM: decreased CPU load resulting from guest MMIO writes to the virtual APIC
  • VMM: fixed interception of debug exceptions, observed while using the dbx debugger on Solaris guests (VT-x only)
  • GUI: 3D overlay window positioning code improved, fixed potential misplacement of 3D accelerated guest graphics content
  • GUI: fixed accident SSL authentication failures during update check on Windows hosts (bug #12969)
  • GUI: never send the “ACPI power” keyboard scancode to the guest, we have the ACPI power button for that
  • GUI: was unable to properly restore seamless mode VM from snapshot/saved-state under some circumstances
  • VBoxHeadless: don’t crash if 3D is enabled in the VM settings (bug #10250)
  • ATA: fixed several passthrough issues (bugs #12310, #1360)
  • Audio: fixed DirectSound failure when the the host has no audio input device (Windows hosts only; bug #9205)
  • SB16: fixed compatibility issue (bug #13769)
  • Storage: fixed broken CD/DVD passthrough when using the IDE controller (bug #12310)
  • NAT: new ping proxy for Windows hosts (bug #11871)
  • NAT: Properly report outbound connect(2) failures to guest with TCP RST or ICMP (bug … (closed: fixed)” _href=”″>#10525)
  • NAT Network: no need for frequent wakeups in VBoxNetDHCP and VBoxNetNAT (bug #11681)
  • Host-only adapter: prevent Windows from creating an “Unidentified network” (bug Fixed in SVN (closed: fixed)” _href=”″>#9688)
  • Bridged Networking: don’t leak host-to-guest traffic to the wireless network when bridging to a wireless interface (bug #13714)
  • Main: fixed a possible race when changing the medium leading to a deadlock under rare conditions (bug #13722)
  • VBoxManage: fixed return code if starting a VM failed (bug #13773)
  • API: fixed 2 deadlock opportunities related to medium handling (bugs #13789, #13801, thank you Alexander Urakov)
  • API: fixed bug in XPCOM which created too few worker threads, sporadically resulting in a deadlock (bug #13802, thank you Alexander Urakov)
  • SDK: fixed a garbage collection leak in the Python VirtualBox webservice API binding (bug #13817)
  • Linux hosts: fixes for activated SMAP (Broadwell and later, bug #13820)
  • X11 guests: prevent unwanted hiding of guest screens on multi-monitor guests (bug fixed in 4.3.x and later releases after 28 Jan … (closed: fixed)” _href=”″>#13287)
  • X11 guests: added support for X.Org Server 1.17
  • X11 Additions: fixed a memory leak in VBoxService if libdbus is available but dbus-daemon isn’t running (bug #13770)
  • Windows Additions: prevent VBox WDDM driver from loading if host reports weak OpenGL capabilities. 3D content now can be shown over Remote Desktop connection.
  • Winodws Additions: some fixes for recent Windows 10 Previews
  • Linux Additions: fixed a compatibility issue with 64-bit Linux 2.4 kernels
  • Linux Additions: fixed a potential use-after-free when unloading the VBoxGuest module
  • Linux Additions: Linux 3.19 fixes (bug #13741)



VirtualBox 4.3.22 for Windows

VirtualBox 4.3.22 Extension Pack

VirtualBox 4.3.22 for other OS

VirtualBox 3.2.12 for other OS

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